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Student Stage Sessions

Student Stage Sessions are an opportunity for student performers to rehearse and practice together with other members of their student organization at the Epstein Family Amphitheater. The intention of Student Stage Sessions is to offer rehearsal space for dance, musical, and performing arts student organizations at no cost.  On evenings when the Amphitheater is not actively programmed, student organizations may reserve the stage for rehearsals through


Student Stage Sessions are reservable 3-hour blocks of time on the Epstein Family Amphitheater Stage. These sessions are intended for performing arts organizations to host rehearsals and practices with their members.

Principal members of UC San Diego Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s) may place a request for a Student Session.  All participants must be current UC San Diego students.  All participants must complete a waiver. 

Student Stage Sessions are free for Registered Student Organizations.

Please check  for all currently available dates.  Student Stage Sessions are updated on a rolling basis and are available when the amphitheater is not actively programmed or rented.

Student Organizations are limited to 3 Student Stage Sessions per quarter and a student group can only request a single Student Stage Session in a day.

A member of the Epstein Family Amphitheater will review your request and confirm your reservation within (3) business days.  Participating members will need to sign a waiver before their session.

Students are able to utilize the stage of the Epstein Family amphitheater.  No amplification or access to power will be provided as a part of the reservation.  Access to the amphitheater is limited to members of the student organization holding the reservation.

A TAP form is not required to request and utilize a Student Stage Session.

Student Stage Sessions reservations are limited to the stage area only.  Audience members are not permitted as a part of reservation.  Requests to host an event at the amphitheater may be directed to: